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The Rock gives away award

The Rock Wins The People's choice Award and Gives It Away

" I wanna tell you just how much you have inspired me and everyone around you.. I wanna give you this."

Killer Baby

Powerful Yet Beautiful Names to Name Your Baby

Thanks to Liquid Deaths Scientist, you can now see what your future baby's name should be. The name will shock you after all. It's Liquid Death Science.

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Wango Tango Performances

Wango Tango Performances

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Black Widow Wins at Peoples choice awards

Black Widow Wins
Movie of The Year At People's Choice

"Ten-plus years ago, when I first started my journey with Marvel, I really never... I didn't know whether or not audiences would like my portrayal of this beloved character,"

Adalogy next to Sasha clements and corbi

6 High Income Skills that Will Change Your Life in 2020

I have worked with celebrities. I had the pleasure of working with political campaigns and represented multiple Vegas projects. Here are the skills that you must have to fit into any industry.

Instagram apps that will change your lif

3 Instagram apps that will change your life

Inside tip I have worked with influencers on their marketing campaigns. Here are the 3 main apps that I know they mainly use.

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