How to get to Las Vegas for $1


With so many great ways to arrive to “Sin City”  one deal, you won't want to miss on is Megabuses exclusive promotion which gives you the opportunity to get to Vegas for ONLY $1.00  That’s the equivalent to playing a slot game for 10 seconds. Megabus releases these tickets unexpectedly and every year they seem to be released more often. Howeverif you miss out on this $1.00 promotion expect the average ride to cost you around $20.00




When it comes to ticket seating it’s on a first come first serve basis unless you have a reservation for a fancy seat. When comes to time expect the bus ride to take about 4.5 to 5 hours luckily Megabus leaves from L.A to ONLY make one additional pick up stop in San Bernardino and a small 15-minute break in Barstow and with its double-decker views you can expect to feel a bit fancy and tall for a small price.




You will be dropped off in the RTC station which is where you can catch an Uber or simply board any of its cheap buses such as the Deuce which runs up and down the strip the deuce will even take you all the way to Fremont street. Want to possibly be a little bit fancier you can try Boltbus which is also as affordable as Megabus.




BoltBus has two pick up stations first pick up is at Hollywood station then the bus heads to Union Station if you want to get a good seat I recommend you to be picked up from Hollywood station. When it comes to tickets you will be boarding on the number you received on your ticket. Boltbus has multiple picks up stations while the pickups usually take 5-7 minutes to expect the buses to be more crowded but with its leather seats and multiple working plugs at least you'll be able to hear your favorite tunes in style. 





Bolt Bus first stop is on The Vegas RTC Station here you can catch multiple line services that will conveniently take you to the strip and to Fremont and If you’re heading to the strip I recommend you take the Deuce bus which conveniently takes you along the Las Vegas Strip and to Fremont. However, if you are planning on arriving at Fremont please stay on the Boltbus since it’s second stop is in the Downtown Vegas area conveniently closed to Fremont street.



WAIT now you’re in Vegas what do you do now? How about riding rides from a thousand feet in the air or How about a cheap Helicopter ride over the entire city? And of course, we can’t wait to tell you about the best bars the most exciting shows sin city has to offer to find out more click below. 

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