Free tickets 

to see your favorite Celebrities

Why see your favorite celebs on your Tv when you can see them perform LIVE for you for FREE...


L.A has this secret website call which features itself in providing you with the opportunity to see your favorite T.V shows, Concerts, and Even award shows for Free.


How it works it's extremely simple once you have created a free profile you simply make sure you do the following

  • Make sure you create your profile with a picture according to some of the staff I have met over the years having a picture of you definitely helps your chances of getting tickets.

  • When it ask you for your current state or country of living you can do one of two things either place you're from here (L.A) or from your country or state if you decide to place that your from a different country make sure that you also place when requesting your tickets on the note section before submitting your request that you are a tourist and are CURRENTLY in L.A Trust me they love tourist. 

Once you have received the tickets


if you receive tickets it will ask you to confirm your ticket if at a later point you decide "Hey I can't go anymore" simply cancel the ticket



What if I don't get a ticket?


No worries there's always next time(:



Pro Tip


if you are looking for Jimmy Kimmel you may go to the location and get in without a ticket. Simply go to any staff member and ask if they have a standby line if they do and if 1iota needs more audience members they will pick random people off the street or go with the standby line. There you go and that's how you can see your favorite celebrities and concerts for free.

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