6 High Income Skills That Will Change Your Life

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It’s 2020 the year of the pandemic many people will mistakenly attempt to return to the previous normal all while the one’s who took the time to improve themselves will find themselves taking over 2021.  Here’s how to not be left; these are the must-have skills that have helped me attain some of the most interesting jobs on the planet. All of these skills have helped me work with celebrities, meet influential politicians, and get me into super exclusive events.

Learn To Negotiate 

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In my first negotiation course, our FBI instructor taught us that in any situation, any interaction someone is already making a judgment about you the moment you open your mouth the distance you speak from the tonality of your voice all plays a role in the perception of you.

Did you know most businesses would rather hire someone with speaking and or negotiation skills. This typically means that you will be able to handle any unexpected day to day operation successfully. Now I could write an entire article on this, but instead, I will direct you to some of the best courses that I have taken blackswanltd.com

Be Presentable 

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A very confident millionaire friend of mine once told me that it was better to look better than expected see in any event meeting or even a simple date you can always adjust and “ take away” clothes but never add. Meaning you won’t always have an extra wardrobe with you, but it’s better to be judged for looking better than looking crappy. I’m not saying look like 007 but research the environment you're heading into.

Did you know that most humans tend to fall for the Halo effect, and no It's not just a rumor its real. Researchers have conducted multiple studies showing that attractive people tend to be seen as smarter, funnier, and tend to make more money. They also tend to develop connections quicker and more strongly than someone who is not seen as attractive.


Work Out


 Hey, since It’s 2020, the year of staying home might as well become healthier. I understand that gyms are closed, but you can start simple try by doing 50 squats or push-ups a day that's 2 sets of 20 and one set of 10 or go for a long jog or walk and build from there, either way, being healthier increases your odds of better fighting viruses. 


Find Your Style 

During this pandemic, you can also experiment if you haven't already found your style. You can start now; you never know you might be into new concepts such as Streetwear, Vintage styles, or something completely different. You can bet that people will notice your new enhanced look after this pandemic, and you will be even more attractive and confident.

Enhanced Your Passion

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What a better time to follow your dreams than a reminder from a deadly pandemic that you only have one life to live. Now It's the time to follow your ambitions the things you always wanted to do, and you can do it from the comfort and safety of your own home you can build side hustles make new social media connections that can make you money in the future. For example, did you always wanted to take that photography course? Do it online and practice outside. Maybe you have always wanted to learn how to design; maybe you always wondered how to do real estate do it from the comfort of your own home. 

Drop Negative "Friends"

Now is also the time to drop negative people you know whom I'm speaking about the ones who see the world in a negative view the ones who seem not to be going anywhere in life who lack passion and creativity. Now it's the perfect time to contact the people you have always wanted to be like the dreamers the risk-takers those ambitious souls who seek to create. Force yourself to grow more in 2020, so you can take over 2021

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