The Hidden Playground Bar


Yes, it exists!


Hidden in Fremont is a secret bar filled with plenty of alcohol a full adult playground and live music!  The adult paradise named Gold Spike is located in the epic part of downtown Vegas.  It is highly known by locals as one of their favorite hidden treasures and it is also a hotel. However, during the night you can expect to step off the elevators and into a huge party club scene. Filled with buzzing energy plenty of live music here's what else you can also expect.



Experience interactive (over-sized) games and uniquely programmed specials events. The outdoor courtyard, also known as the “Backyard,” features a variety of over-sized games, the main stage, tiny house, and bar. During the day, the Backyard makes for a fun, family-friend hangout, and during the evening it transforms into an energetic nightlife venue.



Live Music


The Backyard is home to several local musicians. Live bands perform to an energetic crowd on Friday and Saturday nights.



Special events bring the Backyard playground to life! From roller skate parties to food trucks and Llamas, there’s always something unique. Overall the Bar, Club playground is a golden paradise in this city and is an experience you won't want to miss out on.