Black Widow Wins Movie of The Year
At People's Choice Awards

Marvel's superhero Black Widow who’s film did a whopping $379.6 million at the global box office. Has won The Peoples Choice award for Movie of the year. 

It’s of no surprise she cultivated audiences from around the globe. However, some fans had raised doubt she would win since in 2021 she sued Disney for breach of contract. However, this issue was quickly settled for an undisclosed amount. Close sources say she is content with the decision and has publicly claimed that she looks forward to her continuing to fight battles alongside the avengers.


Above is her thanking fans for the huge support in her playing the character in which she humbly admits at first she doubted audiences would like.  

"Ten-plus years ago, when I first started my journey with Marvel, I really never... I didn't know whether or not audiences would like my portrayal of this beloved character...And so I really owe this all to you guys.



Fun Black Widow fact :


Scarlett once auctioned herself off on eBay... For only $40,100 the winning bidder got to go on a date with the black widow herself. The money raised was given to charity. This worked so well that while on the Jay Leno Show she once sneezed and that tissue was Ebayed for over $5,000 


Below are more winners of the night which include The Rock, The Kardashians, and more.

The Rock gives away award

The Rock Wins The People's choice Award and Gives It Away

" I wanna tell you just how much you have inspired me and everyone around you.. I wanna give you this."


Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kris Jenner Win Big

" We started the show with an idea of bringing our crazy family into your homes, and we could not have imagined that it would have lasted this long."

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