How to Club In L.A

You will notice that there's a ton of clubs in this city. However, most of them have low ratings. In order for us to recommend the best nightclubs, we decided to go get a little tipsy and find out which clubs live up to their expectations. In other words, we got drunk in the name of science (: 

Exchange L.A

This venue pays homage to its rich and opulent Art Deco past, spanning 25,000 square feet and four floors. Exchange LA is a vibrant venue that functions not only as a nightclub, but also as an event venue for private parties, corporate events, live entertainment, filming location, and fashion shows. They do have a ticket policy meaning they charge for entry,  Entry prices start at $15 and up they do have a strict policy only 21+ guest are only permitted into the club to find out more about their wild events click here

The Avalon Hollywood


AVALON is one of Hollywood’s most historic landmarks. From The Beatles first West Coast performance in 1964 to ABC’s hit television variety show The Hollywood Palace Sasha’s first West Coast DJ residency, the theater at Hollywood & Vine has been a show business epicenter since opening in 1927.  Unlike other clubs who have a 21 and over age requirement the Avalon has flexible nights 


Thursday TigerHeat: 18+

Friday CONTROL: 19+

Saturday AVALON: 21+


Each night you can expect a mixture of music from salsa to hip-hop to even at times EDM to find out more on their events visit here



OHM Nightclub


This Club reminded me of  Vegas clubs they do have an extremely long line, however, their main club room features cutting-edge special effects and lighting on moving trusses, as well as 150,000 watts of sound meaning it gets, 's loud so loud I had to scream to communicate to my friends.  Also, the main club room has a hip industrial décor, intimate seating and a separate DJ. This club can hold more than 1,000 guests per night.  (yes it gets hella crowded)


Age Requirement



Each night you can expect a lot of hip-hop to find out more on their events visit here

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Dress Code



All clubs in L.A have similar dress codes you can the dress code will be enforced 
"We want you to be comfortable while you’re here, and that means looking your best."


  • No sandals or flip-flops

  • No shorts

  • No baggy jeans

  • No baseball hats or beanies

  • No plain white t-shirts

  • No tanks/ sleeveless shirts

  • No hooded sweatshirts

  • No jerseys or clothing with sports logo’s

  • Dress tennis shoes and jeans are OK


ladies: You can never go wrong with a nice dress


Gentlemen: Think going on a first date just look presentable No fancy dress jackets needed only if you feel like it. 



Age Requirements & ID’s


 LA strictly adheres to the regulations put forth by the California Alcohol Beverage Control regarding entrance into nightclubs. Every club has their own age requirements you can read about them in their own sites. Typical rules ...


"Everyone must show valid identification.
Failure to produce identification may result in refusal of entry.


"They do not accept the following as valid identification: Expired or punched IDs, DMV computer printouts, photocopies of IDs or birth certificates.


We will accept foreign ID’s and passports, if they include a photo ID, have a name and date of birth in English, and can be validated as a real ID.


False and/or counterfeit IDs will be confiscated and turned over to the local police department.

LA clubs reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone."

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