Taste The World

Taste the World

Take the Taste test for only $12 you can taste every single coke from around the world. A Taste the world location is now in Las Vegas guest can taste different cokes from around the world the taste test cost only $12 and gives you a wide variety of cokes to choose from. In one moment you can experience the sugary flavor of coke from Italy or the sour taste from cokes sold in Japan each coke has a different taste and smell however each it's unique to each country. The Taste the world challenge has left many wondering what's actually inside each coke and no one really knows as the last creators of the coke secrets have been sworn into deep secrecy and can't even fly together in the same planes. What's inside them we may never truly know but for now, let's all enjoy this deliciously sweet/sour mystery. 

Types of Coke Drinks

-Inca Kola from Peru

-Sunfill Blackcurrant from Mauritius

-Stoney Tangawizi from Tanzania

-Sparletta Sparberry from Zimbabwe

-Vegitabeta from Japan

-Simba Guarana from Paraguay

-Smart Watermelon from China

-Kinley Lemon from England

-Krest Ginger Ale from Mozambique

-Ciel Aquarius from Mexico

-Bibo Kiwi Mango from South Africa

-Bibo Pine Nut from South Africa

-Sunfill Mint from Djibouti

-Smart Apple from China

-Beverly from Italy

-Mezzo Mix from Germany

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