Street Fighter 


Today Streetfighter fans woke up to the news that a new Street Fighter series or Movie was about to hit earth in 2020. Streetfighter Genesis threw a punch of mystery at fans faces with many wondering what type of outlet the series or movie would be released on. We can expect a wave of social media curiosity in its wake.

Directed by Joe Zohar and Produced by Steve Vazques the power of Hado is unleashed. Ryu is haunted by Bison who will stop at nothing to harness this power. The Preview teases us with just a 57-second taste of our heart-pounding action to grab our curiosity for the future of the Street Fighting saga. I personally got to work on this project and can tell you the amount of work that went into this project was breathtaking. From long hours to helicopters setting up and even creating parts of sets this project was an amazing experience to have been a part of filled with a heart-pumping twist I'm highly excited for all of you to take part of the future of Street Fighter Saga.

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