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6 High Income Skills that Will Change Your Life in 2020

I have worked with celebrities. I had the pleasure of working with political campaigns and represented multiple Vegas projects. Here are the skills that you must have to fit into any industry.


Why She Cheats

It's our 5th anniversary, and we are finishing our fancy dinner should I ask the " will you marry me question" after all she's my best friend and we have been dating for five years. I keep overthinking, but then the vibe changes she mentions her dad is sick and has to head home. The truth is she's about to go cheat on me.

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Gentlemen This How to make Your Skin Look Younger for FREE

Gentlemen Let's admit it ladies love beautiful skin. Here's How to you can have amazing skin for free.

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The Top 3 Subscriptions That Will Make You More Attractive 

We all deserve to look freaking fantastic but none of us want to pay a lot to look fashionable. Here's how to look amazing for a low price

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