Humans Unite!


Get our Human Alien to perform at EDC 2020 

Meet the Internet's newest challenge to get Billionaire Elon Musk to perform his new single Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe Live in front of 230,000 ravers.. Ahh yes, the petition has gone live.

Elon's previous masterpieces include RIP Haramble and his new single is taking over the Web. what will probably start off as a joke may soon be considered a reality the petition below consist off 

Screen Shot 2020-02-02 at 6.36.41 PM.png

Here are our 2 top scenarios where we can see Musk making his debut extradonary

The Stage lights slowly dim but a singular light points to the Sky ( Where Mars would be ) on the background images show a digital spaceship landing to EDC stage. After Elon steps out with Haramble's family and then bam! a giant firework lits the stage and the crowd roars into the night!. 


The Electric Daisy Carnival attracts every generation If Elon Musk makes it to EDC you can expect his name to forever be legendary in the EDM world.

To find out more about this legendary petition you can go to the Site Here

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