How to be in a movie 


As many of you know I actually work in this industry however when I first started I wish someone had told me all about these tips...


So you want to see if the movie production business is for you. You can start in many ways but the most commonly known path is to start by being either being a P.A ( production assistant ) or as Background talent mostly known as extras. Now unless you have some dope skills or good connections you won't start by being a production assistant which is great! because you can explore the world of being an extra plus do they tend to have more fun.  What exactly is an extra? well, an extra is a human prop you know those people in the background doing random things while the actors perform their scene. That's an extra


Background Talent


Yep that's an actual Job now to become one it can be quite simple you can start your journey at central casting which has a submission process that only accepts about 50 people each day but if you rather just jump in. There are casual sites that offer you to attend sets in exchange for free food and or random prizes sites, for example, you can go and sign up on BEINAMOVIE.COM 


Now let me give you a little caution if you have to pay to register as an extra you may want to step away :(  because these sites can cost you a lot of money and do not guarantee jobs either do the free sites but at least they're not charging you.


Social Mixed L.A


I think most people forget that in L.A there are free parties that are just used as marketing tools to get individuals in the entertainment industry to network together. One of these companies is named Social Mixed LA the company has events monthly on broad topics which range from fashion to movie production. In order to attend their events they do have cover charges however you book FREE tickets online. The tickets get you free general admission to any of their events in which you get to meet and network with current and inspiring filmmakers, writers and fashion influencers.


One last quick tip


Please remember that connections mean a lot in this industry make sure to be ready to introduce yourself and be ready to connect you never know who knows who.


Stay connected