That's sooo Cali


Two Cali facts you need to know right now!

1)  In-N-Out



 Known for its popular secret menu and delicious prices and major celebrity hype. In-N-Out has become a Godly Icon among us simple folks in Californian. Here you can try Burgers with multiple patties on them or your taste buds can dip into the warm cheesy and crunchiness of animal fries. Besides being a popular food chain In-N-Out has a bigger secret than the Illuminati the popular food chain also contains a secret menu where only the most exclusive items are warmly served in deep secrecy.




Secret Items you def want to order




Animal Fries: These fries have it all warm cheesy sweet grilled onions and the secret IN-N-Out Sauce all mixed together to create a watering experience. 


4x4 Burger: You think one beef patty is enough how about 4 patties slammed together into grilled goodness



Neapolitan shake: We have no idea what's in this thing but if you love Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry love you'll definitely want to order this you'll thank us later.


Protein Style: A burger with no buns What! Seriously this Burger has NO BUNS wrapped cheesy and sweet onions
you can totally feel like you're eating a healthy meal. added with patties and lettuce to close it up.


2 ) Cali Slang

Cali Slang



Yooo my dude - my - broski - my brother - my man!


Welcome to Cali where the word  "dude" can be used to describe your Grandma my cat your dog. What! Let's admit it Cali can be a little complicated however there's a strange beauty to all Cali Slang if you ever find your self a little lost just look at this wonderfully confusing list to find your way.



Slang English 



Lit: Describes a moment of Hella happiness


Dude: examples of dude describe

A dog - a man - a cat - a bag - a car - a dude - a computer - a triangle a shape.


Lit: Example the party was lit = The party was Awesome or great 


The Litness is on fire 

meaning you are on fire


My man : 


An expression similar to He's the man she's the man but in reality, you are the man aka my man


Broski :


Like a brother but 10% better Broski 


Turn Up :


A moment in time where you are partying or having a turn up of energy 


Yoooo: means Yooooo




Welcome to California