3 Instagram apps that will change your life

Instagram apps that will change your lif

Pics art 

I feel this app was inspired by the professionals yet easy for any amateur. With a few easy clicks, you can create quick and straightforward photoshop concepts. You can create entire music album covers, edit yourself taking a selfie with the moon or add extremely rare stickers to your photos. I placed a video above so you can see the before and after the magic of this app.

There's no price for the use of the app. However, they do have buy-in options for additional clip and art photo sets


Do you even Neon? This app is one of the most popular video apps out there from this app. You can Crop, cut, trim, split, and even add your own music to your videos. This app is also one of the only apps with the famous neon featured as seen above and is already adjusted to the notable Instagram square ratios, plus it frequently updates with new Instagram features.


 Pro has three price tiers: $3.99 per month, $14.99 per year, which includes a three-day trial, or a one-time charge of $34.99 for lifetime access.

Fltr with Adobe Lightroom

Instagram apps that will change your lif

Let's keep this hack between us aha just kidding tell everyone! As many of you know, Adobe is the king of editing and has the reputation to prove it. Here you can edit raw images and adjust their saturation, shadows, exposures, and much more sounds complicated? Well, here is a hack. If you get the app FLTR, you can grab any popular photos Lightroom presets and copy those settings to your photo. What! Crazy right, any of the most popular photos settings you have seen can be in your now new dope photos. FlTR has a free option; however, you can buy any of their three options for additional presets.

  • FLTR X $49.99

  • FLTR X Free Monthly $4.99

  • Epic Film Filters $1.99

I use this app for previous clients I highly recommend it.

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