Here Are The Best Instagram Locations in Sin City

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Thanks to Vegas views, we can all now have the perfect picture for free! Below you will find the best Instagram locations in the entire Sin City.

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Location: Venetian Hotel

Overview: The Neon lips are in the Black Tap restaurant, inside the Venetian Hotel. Once you get to the restaurant, look right, you can take pictures for free.

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Location: Julian Serrano Inside of the Aria Hotel 

Overview: These wings are one of the most popular in the entire city head to the front of the restaurant once there go to the Julian Serrano restaurant look at the receptionist they will be right next to them the pictures are free to take (:

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Location: Venetian 

Overview: Head to the strip side of the Venetian. Once there you will see the large man-made river look down and you will see the Gondolas. You can also take really cool pictures on the sides of the building. 

Location: The Shops at the Crystals

Overview: Head to the 3rd floor once there it's at the crystals express tram if you get lost ask any of the security or any staff this location seems hidden, but it's actually really easy to find head to the 3rd floor then tram station, and that's it. 

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Location: The Luxor Hotel and Casino

Overview: First go to the main entrance look at the Luxor tower walk towards it right next to the tunnel you will be able to get extremely great pics with Egyptian statues.

Location: Update As of now it's reopened the Linq Parking Lot 

Overview: Head to the LINQ parking lot, which is right behind the giant Ferris wheel you will see, stands be careful not to fall then BAM! You can take one of these amazing pictures (:

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Location: The Linq Promenade 

Overview: Head to the promenade if you get confused type the following In-N-Out by the strip google maps will take you exactly to the fountain which is right next to the restaurant. 

Location: Bellagio

Overview: First go to the front of the hotel look straight where you can see the Paris hotel keep walking straight you should see a smaller fountain here you can get a really cool background of the Bellagio fountains and the Paris hotel.

Pro tip! You can also head down to downtown there's art everywhere! Any of those backgrounds will definitely leave people stunned.

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