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 L.A county currently has 15 beaches! Now while that sounds exciting not all of them are clean some beaches even have a water gate blocking clean water from entering the shore. Basically, you would be swimming in trash and sewer drainage that's why in some you'll notice the black water. However below you will find some of the most popular and clean beaches in the surrounding area of Los Angeles. 

Santa Monica Beach

Known for their popular pier, large waves and as a popular filming location, it's no wonder why over 7 million tourists visit each year. Santa Monica Beach and its surroundings offer a highly addictive day and nightlife with its luxurious hotels opening their bars and clubs to all. However, this does mean that that food in the pier can be a little expensive luckily right around the promenade you can find more affordable foods such as subways and McDonalds around the area.


The pier is over 100 years old and has a mini theme park it's one of the only adventure ride piers that do not charge admission to go in. However to ride the attractions an unlimited all-day ride wristbands can cost up to $25 dollars.


Is it worth it?


The beach is one of the most cleaned beaches in L.A with actual waves to surf on and the pier is one of the only piers with cheap rides and chilled vibes. On sunny days at around 6-7pm each day you can watch the sun going down into the ocean. Here's the Google Map

Venice Beach

Filled with hundreds of tourist wanting a glimpse of the gorgeous sunset. Venice Beach is more than just a beach it’s surrounding is filled with a lot of cultural murals a free skate park and the famous “Muscle Beach” where super buff guys and gals work out. Muscle beach was also made known for having actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who worked out on Muscle Beach and made Gold’s Gym famous in the 1980s.

Venice also offers a popular boardwalk which features local talent and artist. The boardwalk is opened from 10 am to 5 pm each day. However, if you feel like shopping for souvenirs please be aware that many of the stores on the boardwalk have a long and repeated history of cheating out tourist of money. Stores along the Venice boardwalk are known to create false offers and then force tourist into paying ridiculous amounts of money for their products. In L.A there are many places to shop for cheap such as the fashion district which offers 50% off all of the items.

Venice Beach is easily connected to Santa Monica Beach with a 25 Minute bus ride or a 10-15 minute Uber separating both named beaches. During the daytime, you can also experience the ability to watch or participate in painting alongside with some of the Venice Beach artists. Overall Venice Beach is a “can't miss” Beach to visit. 

The San Pedro Cliffs

( Hide a secret paradise )

Know by locals as “The Sunken City “ is An illegal location to reach however if done you will get one of the most beautiful views of the entire coastal line. 


In 1929 a part of the city of San Pedro fell into the ocean leaving broken buildings on the side of the cliffs and underneath the ocean. Tourist and locals alike hike behind hidden paths to reach broken down fences once inside you can find a mixture of art, drum circles and marijuana ( Now legal ) you can contribute to any of the murals, however, most visitors go to take popular pictures.
if you don't want to trespass and still want to get everything the cliffs provide just go to the side of the Sunken City where it’s legal to go down the hilltops and actually go and touch the entire ocean. You will find rocks filled with wild sea life such as sea stars multiple crabs and other weird looking sea life similar to the movie “Finding Nemo “ I would not recommend going into the water from this point as it’s extremely dangerous due to its large waves and the unpredictable increase of water. 

Fun fact 

On a Sunday night, I and my friends thought a boat was sinking so we as awesome people called the police the police transferred us to the nearest military station which was the Coast Guard they quickly dispatched a helicopter to find the sinking boat. As the helicopter approached we noticed the boat rosed back from its side turns out it wasn’t sinking it was illegally fishing but we had never seen a fishing boat in our life’s by then the phone we had in contact with the coast guard died and we saw from the hill about 20 police cars coming down to our location and two additional helicopters rushing to the boat. anyways 
Here's the Google map

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