Here are the 3 most unique Rooftops in L.A

In L.A you will find a ton of rooftops but how many of those rooftops not only show a great view but are a thousand feet above the air. We will quickly breakdown the 3 most famous views of the entire city. Also here you will find a rooftop with 2 rooftops including one with a slide and one with a mystical forest inside. Here are the 3 best views in Los Angeles.

The Building 

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The View

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Location: The Intercontinental Hotel

How to get in:  Located in the mid heart of L.A you will find the Intercontinental hotel all you gotta doto see this view is first to go to the lobby. Once you go inside walk to the elevators and press the 70th floor that is where the check-in lobby is located. Once there you can look all around the city for free if you get hungry you can also buy food and drinks but beware it's super expensive. 

The Building 


The View

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Location: Walt Disney Concert Hall

How to get in: You will be heading to any of the two stairwells once there go up and you will find a rooftop Jungle garden but that's not all. Since the building is shaped squiggly follow any of the metal sides and you will find the secret stairs head up and you will be able to get a really cool and free view of L.A  I totally recommend you going during the times of 4-6 Pm during those times you will get the best lighting.

The Building  📸  @ericjon23

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The View

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Location: U.S Bank Tower - Attraction Skyspace L.A

Overview: This is the 2nd tallest building in L.A on the top you will find an outside slide where you can take the slide down from the 70th flor to one of the 69th flor decks. Besides the amazing views, you will find an interactive attraction on the 54th flor and if you get there on time you will be able to get an amazing picture of the angelic wings which are 1,000ft in the air. The price to go in varies but since I used to work here you can always find me posting cool discount codes here. Besides that option, you can also go to and get discounted tickets. 

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