Public Transit in Los Angeles

Metro - Trains 

L.A Metro Trains have six lines serving 80 stations across LA County. For each trip expect to pay $1.75 for a one-way Train trip plus an additional one-time tap card fee of $1.00 each trip last 2 hours. Loosing or not tapping your card in stations can result in a $50.00 dollar ticket. However, if you’re a tourist you can always use the excuse “I didn’t know about this ”  it works lol




$1.75 Per each way


$7.00 For a one Day Pass 


$25.00 for a 7 Days pass


Tap Card to ride the trains

$2.00( One time Fee ) 

 Luckily you can board buses and trains with these reloadable tap cards. Metro trains can take you from Downtown L.A to Santa Monica in a matter of minutes. From downtown L.A you can also board the red line train route which passes by popular stations such as Hollywood/Hiland Which is where the Hollywood walk of fame is located. Be aware that during 1 Am and 5 Am it may be difficult to catch any Metro Train.

Metro - Buses

Currently L.A metro operates 1,500 buses with diverse and popular destinations such as Disneyland and the Griffith Observatory. For buses, you can expect to pay $1.75 per each way unless you have a day pass. You can also use your tap card on these buses. Currently, L.A metro buses DO NOT give back change. Metro Buses run 24/7, however, each line can stop tuning for a couple of hours but in L.A you can always find an alternative bus route unless of course, you’re in the hood.

Amtrak - Trains 

The Los Angeles Union Station is the largest railroad passenger terminal in the Western United States. It's also a hot spot for popular films such as The Dark Knight Rises, Blade Runner, and Pearl Harbor. It is also where you can take a train to practically anywhere a 4-hour train ride can land you in San Diego an 8-10 hour train ride can take you to San Francisco.


Typical Prices from L.A 


To San Diego ( $38.36 )


San Francisco  ( $56.28 ) 


The trains are older and classier which make you feel like you’re riding through history as a matter a fact in a way you are. The station has been operating since the 1939 and ticket prices range depending on destinations However you can easily find a 7 dollar ticket to a nearby Amtrak station such as Anaheim where you can take the train to Disneyland and take it back to Downtown L.A. The station operates 24/7 with sitting areas and at times free WiFi.

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