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  • Pick Up Lines or Craiglist Words

    Can I follow you home? 'Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams."


    ... I'm sure he meant it as a tasteless joke, at least I hope he was 20, and I was 16.

  • 5 Things you must do after a breakup

    You need to separate yourself from those feelings and this article will show you exactly how to get your mojo back after a tough breakup.

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We are currently filming A mini series. I'm sorry for the delay 

  • Why I have an Only Fans and Why you should too

    These are the stories on why I decided to create an Only fans page. I'm including how much I earned and how much I loved and hated it at the same time - Daisy

  • How to Shop Online For a Low Price


    Here are the best Websites to shop in 2020 each one of these will save you a ton of money