How to Club In Vegas 

From Salsa to EDM you can expect Vegas to have the right club for you. However, While Las Vegas has a huge surge of tourist not many of these new visitors know what to expect when going to their first club. 


Dress Code


Dress codes are heavily enforced in the Vegas night scene and you can expect to see people being turned away for not wearing the proper attire so what should you wear? 



Men's Attire That Is Never Allowed


  • Athletic Attire

  • Hats (fedoras and stylish headwear can be exceptions)

  • Cutoffs

  • Baggy or Torn Jeans

  • Shorts

  • Jerseys

  • Clothing That Is Torn Or Has Holes

  • Sandals

  • Work Boots

  • Athletic Shoes (see more info on shoes)



Gentlemen if in doubt just remember Nice shoes and pants the pants DO NOT HAVE TO BE Dress pants just make sure they have no holes or tears and most likely black pants that fit you with a nice shirt a dress jacket is optional however remember you may not find a seat so where are you going to leave that jacket ? if you dance with it how hot are you going to be dancing against all those sweaty people? 


Ladies Attire That Is Never Allowed



  • Hats (fedoras and stylish headwear can be exceptions)

  • Shorts Including short " shorts "

  • Flip Flops ( Depends on the Club but most likely a nono )

  • Clothing That Is Torn Or Has Holes

  • Sandals

  • Athletic Shoes / Attire



ladies you can never go wrong with a nice tight dress and low heals yes low heals you will be standing a lot and hopefully dancing a lot too. DO NOT WEAR HEALS THAT MAKE YOU LOOK LIKE A GIANT  :( Just don't be as comfortable as possible. 





Drinks are very expensive in the clubs and you can expect every bartender to give you not as much alcohol portions for any drink. Therefore Pre - Game obviously not to the point of throwing up but to the point of having a good buzz going in.





If you're a generous drunk expect to be paying a lot of money for not only your drinks but for ladies drinks. After all what better way to start and continue a conversation in a club than with a nice drink. However, gentlemen avoid at all cost buying drinks for a group of ladies while it may make you look generous asf you'll most likely be broke asf later on the night. Ladies are mysterious creatures in nature they love money and free drinks.




Ladies, you will find men to buy you drinks it's just going to happen now you can take advantage of this by simply flirting along and getting free drinks just make sure you don't overdo it what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas .. Think babies



Bottle Service / Birthdays 



It's going to cost you a couple of hundred dollars but if you're with a group it's totally worth it. Expect to have actual reserve seats and some hot girl bringing you random food and multiple drinks the only downside is the cost and at times the busier the club the less time of your waitress to come around to get your orders either ways bottle service is not a necessity, after all, you will be most likely dancing on the floor with everyone else (:





Just go dance vegas is filled with tourist filled with culture dance how you wanna dance get lit!





DO NOT TROW UP I have seen it and done it the uber and lyft fees start at $250 go have fun enjoy Las Vegas 


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