Ride the Sky in your Own Helicopter

What better way of seeing Vegas than to fly above the entire city. Now I know what you may be thinking that's kinda expensive well no not at all and this is how you can fly the entire Sin City for only 59 dollars or rent out an entire Helicopter for only $115 dollars per trip.  



First, you should know: That almost all helicopter companies provide mainly two types of tours a Strip Tour and a Grand Canyon Tour. Each company sticks to relatively same pricing however here's how to get some HUGE discounts.


The Strip Night or Day tour


This a quick 15-minute tour which shows you the entire strip. You will fly over the Bellagio fountains view popular hotel lights and rooftops even be able to wave to the people who are at the top of the Stratosphere after you will loop back around back to the hangar. 


Cost: $200 on-site however here the exact same tour will only cost you $59 per person are extreme savings you can even rent out the entire 3 seats for $115.00. For the discount click here then type helicopter tours, you will get the same exact deal for half off!



The Grand Canyon Tour: This typical tour lands you on the Canyon where guest will get a small meal and then fly back to the AIrport


  Prices on site start at 450+ However if you click here and type helicopter tours you will get the same exact deal for half off!

I have personally flown in Helicopters multiple times and while some deals only offer a helicopter ride some others take it to another level. I once was taken by a limo to a helicopter then picked up from the helicopter back to my hotel. There are also deals where you can take an entire chopper as a tour and then get V.I.P Access to major clubs. 

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How to go on a Jet for Free


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