Here are the most secret 

Instagram Spots In Los Angeles 

The City of Angels

has some of the most heavenly art in the entire country for this month we decided to pick unique locations based on uniqueness Backdrop, and amount of attention pictures have received. This makes sure that you get the best information and the cutest MF pictures in L.A's entire city! (:

Location: OUE Skyspace 

Overview: I was fired from here lol, but since I left on great terms, I always return, and for a good reason, if you're new to L.A, you will not find another cooler place than Skyspace. Here you can find two outside observation decks and plenty of cool picture opportunities, including the famous Wings, which are located on the decks a 1,000 ft in the air. You will definitely not find better wings than those in Skyspace, by the way, that's my friend Florencia.

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Location: Paul Smith Pink Wall

Overview: Yes, this is a wall, and yep it is pink, and yep it's one of the most famous Instagramble locations in the entire city. The wall is located in the artsy melrose neighborhood here you will find some of the most unique art that last a mile. P/C @ Karraaxo

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Location: Carrera Cafe ( Across the street from the pink wall )

Overview: On the outside, you will see one of the most unique places in L.A .The mural is updated often you never know what cool background you will find (:


P/C @ Carrera Cafe

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Location: The Broad 

Overview: The broad is one of the most popular and free museums in the U.S here, you can find the infinity mirror room and you can also find other art installations like the huge table room where chairs can be three times the size of you. The museum is free to enter, and you can expedite your entry if you get tickets on their website. However, if you don't have time entry tickets, you will see a line on the outside of the building I recommend you getting tickets as they are free and you get in way faster (: No lines rule!

P/C @ Aurelie_ig 

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Location: The Grrith Observatory

Picture Credit: @Jesso

Overview: This is the Griffith Observatory you can hike or take a bus to the hill's top. Here you will be able to go inside the observatory and see the entire solar system in real-time. From the outside, you can see the whole L.A city also during the times of 5-6 pm you can watch the sunset and see the building lights turn on from all over the city of L.A and neighborhood cities

We are currently making a video out of all of the L.A spots

It should be up soon! (:

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