Powerful Yet Beautiful Names to Name Your Baby

How powerful is a name? Research suggests 3 powerful and really mess up things about a persons name 


If you are a boy with a girl's name, you could be more likely to be suspended from school.


If you have a white-sounding name, you're more likely to get hired.


If your last name is closer to the end of the alphabet, you're more likely to be an impulse spender.


The company named Liquid Death has managed to solve the name dilemma for a limited time. The companies research team is allowing you to use their system to pick the perfect name that will lead your future baby to a successful life. 

My Future Babies Name 


I decided to kill my baby's gender, and instead went with the "Death to Gender" motto. After all, these are pandemic days, and we got to improve our chances of survival next. I hope my baby will work as a subcontractor for the SpaceForce.

Killer Baby Namer.com

After you type in super basic info, you will see your future baby's name. I introduce you to corpsium Trilobite Montes. With this name, my baby will take over earth and rename it after it's Uncle Liquid Death. The company promises that if you name your baby after their new liquid name, they will send you 17 years of LiquidDeath drinks to your home.


" But wait! There’s more! The first 10 babies to be legally named their Killer Baby Name, will each be gifted 1848 cans of Liquid Death, which our childhood scientists have determined is the perfect amount of thirst murder for the first 17 years of a human life. Just email a copy of your baby's official birth certificate to killerbaby@liquiddeath.com"


They take it one step further by allowing you to change your own name and taking part in the deal. You can find out more here, and also I have attached how to change your own name legally. After all, who doesn't want 17 years of liquid death?

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