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We recently had the opportunity to attend Kiss Fm's Wango Tango which is a yearly radio event which features some of the most heart-pumping music of the year.  Only cheers and good vibes could be seen for hundreds of feet as this year the Bank of California was filled to capacity. However, this year was no ordinary year as 2018 was the first time ever that Wango Tango was televised and with its large filled stadium at an uproar you can expect Wango Tango to continue to capture larger audiences for many years to come.

This year Multiple Artist rocked the stage performers like Ariana Grande who's new song " The Light is coming" sent the crowd into a mixture of positive emotions into the stadium as the night continued the crowd got to experience a broad range of musical talents such as Shawn Mendez, Ariana Grande,  Meghan Trainor5 Seconds of SummerNFMiguelJanelle Monáe and of course we can't forget about the wildly popular performance by the Backstreet Boys who also sang their new single which drove the crowd into a classy frenzy. Lastly, the night ended with a high beating rhythm as Marshmello took the stage and hundreds of fans jumped the night awake.

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