Places to avoid In Los Angeles
MacArthur Park

Unless you want drugs a hooker or get mysteriously stabbed this is the place for tourist to avoid. The park itself is a beautiful landmark where popular films like Training Day, Drive, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer have been filmed there. In the case, you do somehow end up in this location just know that from 10 am to 6 pm you can try some amazing tacos & popusas for a really low price. Please be very aware that this place has a bad reputation for having a high crime rate. Whatever you do do not go there past 10 pm instead get your self a nice little Uber or train ride back.
Skid Row
Known for its large homeless population and drug usage. This area has become a center of controversy due to a large amount of homeless and not enough city resources to help them. This is a place to avoid at all cost during the day and at night you can expect to be asked for money or even robbed. It is also highly recommended as a place for anyone especially women to avoid due to rapes that have occurred in this area in the near past. 
South & East L.A
L.A has a ton of gangs luckily you can hardly find them in populated tourist spots. Unless you know the local homies you'll want to skip out on these deep areas such as East & South L.A and of course, Compton overall anywhere in the planet use the rule of logic if it doesn’t look or feel right walk away.

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