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How to Sin in Vegas


I DO NOT ENDORSE THIS but might as well keep you safe (:


Let's skip the awkwardness and get to the point here is the information you want to ask in private.



Swinger Clubs: The Green Door is known for well swinging here you can go alone or as a couple and inside you will see multiple rooms each theme to your inner desires. In one room you can inside a dungeon filled with chains in another you can be transformed into the perplexing world of stripers.  The cost starts at $55.00 per person and yes single people go in there all of the time ... You can even find a Hot Tub with the only requirement is no pants.


Escorts: Escorts male and female will cost you a ton of money! The fee to just get one in your room is easily $200 and that just to show up in your room. After all, prices are discussed depending on your wants.


Strip Clubs: 


Guys and gals can find a ton of strip clubs however here's something you definitely will NEED TO KNOW before you go. You can find promoters on the Vegas strip where they will offer you deals such being able to get a free limo to the clubs which it is true however you will be required to buy two or more drinks once in the club not bad right? 




Each dance male or female typically starts at $20 dollars per song. Each song usually lasts between 2 - 4 minutes and yep strippers do love tips. Expect to spend a lot of money a typical night can cost you hundreds and thousands if you choose to go to private rooms. I highly suggest you bring change as ATM fees cost $6.00 and above to just get your own money. 


Escorting services


How to find them?


If you're a guy: Craiglist or simply walking down the strip promoters will hand you cards to call escorts also if you're a guy who is alone in a fancy hotel lobby they will approach you.



If you're a lady: You really don't need to get one mostly because its more likely that you can go to any club and guys will buy you drinks and after the club, magic can happen. However, if you feel the need to get a big mega buff escort guy craigslist will be your best friend.


 Cops: Yes you can get arrested! It's not legal in Vegas however it's legal on the outskirts of Nevada. I totally do not recommend this but damn lol tell me your story...

How to save money : 

Overall if you would like to save money instead of going to a strip club you can go to an R - Rated show Ladies or guys depending on the show take off their clothes for entertainment each show starts at $40.00 and last longer than an hour you will not only save money but will still be able to claim you did something crazy in Vegas. Also instead of going and getting a chance of getting a mysterious infection just go to a bar or club if you go to a club that has a popular convention odds of you hooking up are high this is due to people coming to Vegas to work and they are less likely to come with their husbands or wives and they are less likely going to claim they even have a significant other.  Conventions happen weakly in Vegas and as always use protection (:  

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