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Breaking cover Escorts, Strippers and everything else ...

  • I have spent over $35,000 in Vegas slept in over 70 different hotels and have the been trusted with over multiple assignments this is the story vegas tried to hide 

  • At a point, I was the youngest and highest requested Ambassador for the entire City of Las Vegas

I still have an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) Which basically states that I can not mention names, locations and super private information HOWEVER this was approved and even encouraged to be posted.

If you know me in person or have seen my Instagram you already know that I have represented multiple brands celebrities and even helped companies reach greater engagement however what you don't know is how I managed to get one of the most wanted jobs in the entire city of Las Vegas. For two years I was the youngest personal escort to some of the biggest names known and unknown in the world. This included younger celebrities, kids of CEOs, for major companies and even a princess of Dubai. 

The interview the Job the nonsense

My interview was kinda strange it was held in a swingers club over some drinks while people kept hitting on me. ( Due to the NDA I can not mention the location but it's on in one of Instagram stories)


The Vip escorts job

When I say, escort some would say that I would take people from point A to Point B however in this job the objective was different. I was assigned to mainly female clientele these ladies whos parents wanted them to have a wild time also wanted them to be safe after all their kids are a representation of them and their public image. A bad image of your son or daughter drinking or throwing up or hitting or being arrested can very well ruin any companies image or a personal career including a future political one. Therefore mainly rich fancy usually white clients would hire an escort company to take them around making sure that not only they have a fantastic wild night but also one where they won't be kidnapped injured or create bad press. Parents or even the clients themselves would easily drop over 10k per night everything from personal security to bottle service to hotel suite parties was expected for them vegas become a huge giant playground and these experiences opened my eyes to the 1 percent lifestyle.



It's 3:21 Pm and I'm currently in Los Angeles my phone rings asking if I want to work tonight. I know they know I'm in L.A but that's not a problem for them multiple Jet services like the ones you have seen me on exist these services cater to people like me after accepting this gig I will be sent out a travel itinerary which will have information on which hanger to head too. I grab my to-go bag and in less than 20-30 minutes I'm already waiting for a scheduled flight and now my name is also on it. I glance around the lobby and to my left, I see my partner Shayleen she always anxious on jets but she can't take medicine, after all, we need to have clear heads and in less than 4 hours gallons of alcohol will be all around us. We arrive in only 45 minutes and head to the regular hotel we both already have reservations and we both head to the gym only upper body is allowed no lower workouts as you will be up all around tonight but you still want to look like you lift. We then head to meet jay she's our boss and fearless leader she informs us that we will  be taking a group of gals to 3 different clubs however prior to doing so they want to see the entire city from above which means yep another helicopter adventure our schedule is the following

We will meet at the MGM lobby and hop on the limo with the ladies and head to 702 Helicopters here is where we will all board the craft for approximately 15 minutes of air time. Once on the ground, we will head to a famous restaurant known for its mean chef obviously I won't mention the name. After we will head to the first club the estimated time of the club hoping will begin at 10:30 pm therefore if we need to kill time we will use the limo to take the girls around the city. I will be the main point of contact tonight Shayleen will be my second and the girls' security detail will be following us in regular clothes around the venues. Unlike traditional jobs, we are encouraged to drink eat and be more of a friend to them after all this is Vegas and vegas is a real-life fantasy. 

We begin to head down the elevator Shayleen fist bumps me and that's it the night has officially started. I see the ladies they quickly recognize me from our profile pictures I know the drill head straight shoulders back look relaxed deep breath in and with a calm voice " "Hey Ladies "

Here are quick lessons you can use from my undercover experiences which if you do will double your appearance and overall life. 

The first thing anyone should notice about you is your confidence, after all, it actually takes 7 seconds for someone to make an entire judgment about you. Speak clearly makes eye contact no eye contact should last more than 7 seconds you can look away for a mili second and come back to eye contact.


In conversations Speak less listen more people love to listen to themselves let the other person do the talking just every once in a while ask questions this shows to the other person that you want to hear more which is the more that they will like you. However, if someone is being mean unjust accusive or simply not letting you share your thoughts remember you can easily say hey thanks for sharing with me I have to go and walk away trust me this will make you seem more attractive to the other people possibly listening to you. Showing maturity in a negative situation will always work in your favor.  Did you feel rude If you feel you're being rude to someone don't forget the golden rule it's okay to seem rude to someone who is being disrespectful of your time but it's also disrespectful for your own self to not walk away.

Dress for the environment

If you attending a meeting you probably would avoid wearing pool shorts right? Well if you're going on a swim you'll probably avoid the suit right? 



Let's pretend you're going to see your crush or go on a first date dress you'll more than likely dress nice unless it's extremely hot or have killer cabs stick to pants in the case you find yourself overdressed you're in luck it's better to have more and take away clothing than someone who is clearly underdressed it's not like you can take out a nice set of clothes from your back pocket over is better under never.

What if you're in a situation where you feel unproperly dress that will not matter as long as your confident People will gravitate to you. 

Adjust, Adapt, Overcome

Remember perception is deception meaning however people see you they will assume you are. Breaking it down if you dress or look unconfident people are less likely to trust you, like you and want to be around you. However, if you look sharp have your shoulders back head straight maintain clear eye contact in combination with a clear voice people will immediately assume an alpha class to your persona and that will make your 1000x time more attractive. 

Alcohol: Being in clubs taught me two things about me one I can't dance and two alcohol loosens you up to much is a combination for disaster but the right amount equaled a more relaxed me, therefore, know your limits.

Hotels: Hotel security does their best to avoid anyone under the age of 21 from entering their club/bar venues however it's always easy to get anyone in them. For example, anyone could book in a smaller hotel chain that had a club already inside all you would have to do is go from your room to the bottom levels. This is where the clubs would be located and security always assumes that you're coming in from the street where everyone gets I.D checked however all you did was come down from your room. Once inside the club security will not question you after a while I started noticing a lot of random under 21 people doing this it became normal to see them and I guess normal for security to have suspicious on their age but as long as everyone controlled themselves I guess for them it was fine? 


Also due to the minimum wages in Nevada, we noticed that you can actually pay off any security guard it didn't matter if the hotel was a small chain or a huge venue for example if you wanted to be VIP you could simply upgrade yourself in two ways. One pay for the Vip entrance fee or pay off a security guy this was also always the case for many festivals you could easily let someone borrow your employee shirt and just walk in. For festivals due to a large number of staffs, it became difficult for their own to recognize who was really a worker and who wasn't after the entry of the festival you could just take off your employee short and use your undershirt for a wristband people would wear a lot of Kandy bracelets and due to their colorful colors, you couldn't tell if you had a wristband or not plus most festival security really does not care.



 Due to this security flaw, we could attend and do zero work at the same time. For example for a festival we could be someone's private security and no one would notice. Place a rave face mask on them and you can fit in anywhere in the festival even without a mask it's rare for someone to notice who the client is plus due to a large amount of security staff we can easily switch off and watch our favorite artist. Our employer would have the client fill an artist survey and we usually chose who was better for us depending on their setlist. Lastly for Security reasons we always had go pros recording who went into our rooms at any time the employer obviously wanted to avoid any type of lawsuits even to this day I still keep a Gopro when anyone even guys enter my hotel rooms.


 Patience: when you're dealing with large groups of ladies it becomes difficult to maintain everyone on the same page someone may want to do this instead of that you are always to have patience after all in less than 2-3 hours most of them will be drunk and hungry. We had to practice our patience muscles every night usually the younger clients would over go on their own drinking limits and we would find ourselves in awkward situations where it usually involved someone throwing up or crying or hitting. In all honesty, these were some of my favorite times usually in the morning a very awkward apology would follow but that was it we have all been there.


First Aid: Everyone was trained in first Aid from the basics of dehydration to CPR and to even more complicated situations thanks to this I feel like a ninja ready for emergencies. I remember on one of my off days I was with my friends in Fremont and a guy totally just collapsed and started having a seizure right in front of us I instantly knew what to do how you'll be surprised that many people don't know what to do.


Not every night was perfect but every night was definitely interesting here are a couple of instances that I disliked.


When you get really intoxicated you tend to make new friends however some of these friends usually guys try to take you back to their hotel rooms in our contract if we feel you're too drunk to make accurate decisions then we have the right to pretty much stopping you. None of us want you to be hurt therefore we can intervene if necessary. Usually, it would be me telling the guy hey she's too drunk she's coming with us and some guy usually wanting to get laid trying to fight me. When this occurred and security was not near I had to show the same exact energy to the guy trying to attack me.

When I was working on a famous rave festival a playboy bunny girl which was also a former friend of mines went up to me and hella pushed me and made me drop my drink. I think this was my first time when I realized that the client actually cared a lot about me. Instead of me getting someone easily kicked out of the festival the client told me to walk away and we left one of her favorite artists. I still have the go pro of someone I cared about straight-up attacking Immaturity like this was rare for us to run into but personal issues actually effected some of us. I had a friend of mines actually get stalked by his girlfriend since we are not recommended to have personal relationships in the City we were instantly shocked when we saw a girl approach one of my guy friends and slapped the hell out of him. She thought he was cheating on him security stopped her and she got banned from the casino tbh they are still together to this day. 

Just like my job girls had their own gigs, for example, I remember a billionaire ordered an escort group to his hotel room when they said they would take 30 mins to get there he solicited sex from one of my co-workers. We don't care what you do on your personal time but we do not allow you to involve us in any way in anything illegal we are just here for your safety and to show you around. None of the gals are there for anyone to try to have intercourse with anyone but I felt mainly male clients felt extremely privileged to feel that they could do anything to anyone. 

Broken Friendships 

It's really difficult to have real friendships in this job you get different types of people who want to be your " Friend " It's either guys usually promoters who only want to be friends with you for the benefits of hanging with a ton of attractive young rich ladies and the other which is girls who keep thinking you're a pimp or something worse simply because you're around a lot of female energy.  The third kind a combination of both I feel the hardest friendships are the ones who know you're working but will tell of others of your job which should not really matter if I was working at regular 9-5 job but when you're dealing with peoples safety and you decide to share locations names or any type of my work activity it becomes a huge deal these are peoples lives and if you are selfish enough to not understand this then I should definitely not have you in my life. To the ones who understood my previous career path I freaking love you! 


Overall It was extremely fun but there's more to Vegas than the parties and the lights I'm really young and I can't wait to experience the near future. I still travel to vegas often and jay still has a temporary hotel residency there for me which allows me to take random friends to experience this wild side of vegas. This job turned me from this really nearby shy person to someone who could easily take control of any room and while I'm heavily trusted by many clients this is why I decided to leave as much as I love learning and experiencing new things I must also know when to walk away and by writing this breaking my own cover guarantees me this privilege. It was fun but imagine what cool things I can accomplish thanks to my new set of skills (:


Hey, These are the questions I have received after posting this I decided to do a follow-up and well answer them here. Like I said I won't judge you here is that info 


Let's skip the awkwardness and get to the point here is the information you want to ask in private.



One of the Swinger Clubs: The Green Door is known for well swinging here you can go alone or as a couple and inside you will see multiple rooms each theme to your inner desires. In one room you can inside a dungeon filled with chains in another you can be transformed into the perplexing world of stripers.  The cost starts at $55.00 per person and yes single people go in there all of the time ... You can even find a Hot Tub with the only requirement is no pants.


Escorts: Escorts male and female will cost you a ton of money! The fee to just get one in your room is easily $200 and that just to show up in your room. After all, prices are discussed depending on your wants.


Strip Clubs: 


Guys and gals can find a ton of strip clubs however here's something you definitely will NEED TO KNOW before you go. You can find promoters on the Vegas strip where they will offer you deals such as being able to get a free limo to the clubs which is true however you will be required to buy two or more drinks once in the club not bad right? 




Each dance male or female typically starts at $20 dollars per song. Each song usually lasts between 2 - 4 minutes and yep strippers do love tips. Expect to spend a lot of money a typical night can cost you hundreds and thousands if you choose to go to private rooms. I highly suggest you bring change as ATM fees cost $6.00 and above to just get your own money. 


Escorting services


How to find them?


If you're a guy: Craiglist or simply walking down the strip promoters will hand you cards to call escorts also if you're a guy who is alone in a fancy hotel lobby they will approach you.



If you're a lady: You really don't need to get one mostly because its more likely that you can go to any club and guys will buy you drinks and after the club, magic can happen. However, if you feel the need to get a big mega buff escort guy craigslist will be your best friend.


 Cops: Yes you can get arrested! It's not legal in Vegas however it's legal on the outskirts of Nevada. I totally do not recommend this but damn lol tell me your story...

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