Stalk Your Instagram Stalker

Who is stalking my instagram.png

It's time to unmask your stalker, and here is how as we all know, Instagram does not publicly let you know who has recently viewed your profile; however, I know you have probably wondered who is stalking your Instagram? Maybe it's a crush, or perhaps it's someone who hates you because of your magnificent personality. Well, there's now an app that lets you know not only who is stalking you but also who has also blocked you or not followed you back and much more. The app's name is WhoReports+, and it's a hidden secret in the stalking field. With one refresh swipe, you can see who has recently seen your profile, and you can even get custom notifications to keep you on the know. 

Who is stalking my instagram.jpg

Above are some of the options that the app lets you use, and you can even set alerts when someone views your profile and will be able to see in real-time who is stalking you. Just remember that not everyone is stalking you sometimes people just click on your Instagram to see what you're up to. However, if you notice someone watching your profile every day, you should raise some red flags. Be careful how you use this app and what judgments you make. I feel I should be fair. I'm attaching this if you want to stalk your stalker now, you can use this secret link.

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