Here are the Top 5
FREE attractions
to visit In L.A 
The Hollywood walk of fame

Every star has a name welcome to the Hollywood walk of fame.


This is the number 1 place for any tourist to visit. The walk of fame is mostly known for the stars placed on the ground where tourist can come and find their favorite entertainers names and yep you know it! you can take a selfie with their star. However more than stars can be found here along the boardwalk you can also find some of the most popular shops in L.A and the nightlife around this area is highly addictive.


Just a warning


When walking down the blvd you might be tempted to take selfies with the characters dressed as your favorite stars. Some will force you to tip them a certain amount DO NOT LET THEM BULLY YOU tipping for a photo it's typically $1.00 or $2.00 dollars some will try to force you to tip them a lot of money. Also when walking down the Blvd you will see people handing out "free music Cds " Do not take the free Cds these disk are not free they will try to hassle you for money also please be aware a lot of Scientologist will attempt to influence you to visit their temples unless you want to fill out a boring quiz of 100 questions & be asked to read and buy their main book do not enter their temple.


The Broad

The Broad is an amazing new & free attraction in L.A  


What is in the Broad


It's a Billionaires private art collection now displayed for free. The collection includes millions of priced items that the public can take selfies with for free. Art pieces such as a giant kitchen table a dog bigger than two of you combined a robot that dance to the beat and hidden rooms such as the one above. The price to enter is free the only downside is that you have to book tickets in advance however if you do not book tickets in advance you can always go into a standby line. The line can become heavily crowded therefore go early and bring yourself snacks and phone fully charge you'll definitely want to take a picture of everything! It's definitely worth it!

The Griffith Observatory 


The Griffith Observatory is widely known for its diverse views of the entire City of L.A it is also known to host one of the largest observatories in the country. The observation center is FREE and offers wide views of our universe it is also a popular filming location to some of the greatest films such as 


The Terminator

Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 


& Many more


It also offers magnificent views of the Hollywood sign and with a couple of hiking trails, you can actually walk to the formerly Lost zoo and to the Hollywood sign. The Hill is also near a couple of hidden caves. 

Universal Studios City Walk


Did you know?


 You can visit theme park stores and free attractions without having to enter The Universal Studios Park.  Right outside the park, you can find a Boardwalk that leads to popular theme stores such as giant candy bars as big as your face and relaxing souvenir shops. In the summer you can visit a free multi-million dollar stage where famous singers such as Singer Cee Lo Green, Koda Corvette, and World of Dace are a couple of performers who have performed for free. On any day you can also buy cheap food and drinks from its courtyard and eat exotic theme pastries from celebrities. 




Rodeo Drive / Beverly Hills 


You know those big fancy houses where mage rich people live in. You know the ones where you can see no trash for miles and miles it turns out a lot of people love to visit this neighborhood named Beverly Hills or mostly known as the 90210 


Right near here you can go shopping in big fancy restaurants and go window shopping for free however if you do get the urge to buy something know that price does tend to go on the hundreds. You can also hike the Hill where you will see fancy private cars and gigantic mansions and maybe just maybe see a celebrity or at least a couple of playboy bunnies. 


Welcome to Los Angeles 

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