Twightlight Zone Las Vegas 

Escape Reality 


Vegas has done it again! this time you can enter into Sin City and be lost in the 5th dimension. The Las Vegas Twilight zoned is filled with monsters and grueling forces can you escape your way back into reality? This Full Mini Golf experience provides you with 18 Holes and it takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Each hole challenges you mentally and emotionally overall you will surely experience the Twilight Zone.





The prices are $11.95 per person however there is no cost to enter the venue.


I will be giving FREE Tickets to the 5th Dimension. To Enter to win tickets to this or other cool events fill out the form below. 






 Located Inside of the Bally's Hotel and Casino. 


What else is there to do?


You can play in the evil arcade or take a bite into the nearby stores. 


How Does it Look like?


Look at the pictures below I have also Taken pictures of the course on my Instagram





Twilight Zone Conspiracy 



It is a fact that the creator Rob Serling died of a heart attack however many assume it was that the Monsters from the outer dimensions had finally caught up to him. We may never know until we step together into the 5th dimension and into the Twilight zone

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