Why She Cheats 

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This is my real story, and It’s tragic, but you must know this to understand the signs and know the mistakes that lead people to start cheating.

It's our 5th anniversary, and we are finishing our fancy dinner should I ask the " will you marry me question" after all she's my best friend and we have been dating for five years. I keep overthinking, but then the vibe changes she mentions her dad is sick and has to head home. The truth is she's about to go cheat on me.



Of course, I did not know this until a couple of days had passed, and she slowly started to reply to my text messages started avoiding my calls canceling plans. In fact, I didn’t find out about the infidelity up until a couple of days later. When I decided to call her after work, she finally picked up, and I could tell from her voice that she was uncomfortable speaking to me. I asked where she was. You know those dramatic movie moments when the person on the other line just dramatically goes silent. Yeah, it turns out those moments are real a weird shiver hugged my body, and I knew it I confirmed what I honestly feared five years gone in less than a 1-minute phone call.

Now You might think the I handle this news maturely maybe I read a fucking book started to learn how to grow abs but nope what I did next was too immature. I ordered a Lyft and left to Las Vegas.

The Signs of cheating 


Lack of Communication and emotional support


The first sign that I should have noticed is that we could no longer communicate. We both could not talk about our feelings openly. Things always led to minor arguments; we both wanted to “win.” When we stopped arguing, we were both afraid of speaking due to once again, possibly arguing with each other. Therefore, as cheesy as it sounds, never lose that part of being open to searching for new topics, brand new ideas. When I say communication, I don’t always mean verbal most humans communicate with body language, including sexual language.



When surveyed women wanted strong emotional support, they wanted their partners to notice small details, even complimenting her on her new hairstyle. Her dress having pockets meant that you took the time to notice her if they lacked this bond, they would seek it in other emotional bonds, which ironically led to intense affairs. Someone else was giving her something simple, and that bond grew.


Lack of passion


By now, most of us have seen Will smith's face when his Jada Smith confesses that she didn't feel wanted. In a large U.K Survey, women admitted that lack of sex to including bad sex forced sex or boring, and no sex made them search for something they seem more appropriate after all when you’re used to the same you’re going to search for something different. Therefore keep things fresh go outside to a new city, rent a motel room for a night being the same will lead to boredom.. 




Did you know Long term couples are more likely to cheat then short term couples. Women and men, both in and out of the bedroom, want excitement. They crave adventure. There’s a reason why some 50-year-old HAPPY married couples are still extremely Joyful, and no, it’s not always viagra they mix things up. They don’t stay constant. This doesn’t mean go outspend them coins you can go on a picnic go outside fuck it climb a tree together seek new adventures. 


Low self-esteem 


Gentlemen, if you're not hyping your girl, someone else will, and she will notice. With that said, take care of yourself start eating healthier go on long walks together. You do not need rocking abs, but It would be best to feel confident about being you. Once you lose your confidence, you won’t be yourself, and your partner will notice. 


Confidence makes you desirable it makes you wanted it gives people that vibe “ Hey, that guy knows Himself” It’s an attraction that not only works in relationships but in overall life. When she feels unwanted unloved, she will crave someone who can fit that void even if it’s only for a short moment. 



We can both cheat


For mainly an unheard subject, there are couples I know who continuously cheat on each other this is their normal take my friends Jakes and Darcys relationship. They are incredibly open to this concept, embrace it, and have a strong asf relationship. Now I know that’s not for everyone. If one person in a relationship were to be the only one cheating, you better believe the other person will crave the same. Jake and Darcy found a way to both be satisfied with their decision, and not everyone is like that. For example, I’m not, but some relationships have grown by sharing multiple partners.

The relationship world is an interesting place, and it has to be sometimes said people cheat just to cheat. They may feel it to be a heart-pumping thrill. Whatever the reason is, cheating is more common than we like to admit; however, I feel we should self reflect being sad is norma.l but realizing that this experience can either traumatize you and fill you with hate and desperation. Or that this experience can help you grow to become better and date higher quality. Also, note that not everyone cheats, but when they do, it hurts, but sometimes you need that pain to grow. She is finally happy, and so am I, and self-reflecting made me realized that being cheated on was the best thing to ever happen to me.

I leave you with the best advice a drunk man in vegas told me, “ Once a cheater, always a cheater, take care of yourself, you deserve better.” 

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